I have been working for 20 years as a journalist, in newsrooms and as a freelance journalist. My articles and pictures have been published in daily newspapers, for example Svenska Dagbladet, and in magazines and journals, for example Amnesty Press. Altogether almost 100 different ones. I have also contributed to News agencies TT (Sweden) and Inter Press Service.

The articles have been filed under the categories: news, domestic, international, conflict, war, press freedom, human rights, sports, economy, business, work, leisure, culture, environment, energy, technology and recycling (possibly a few others as well).

So far I have reported from some twenty countries in Europe, as well as from India, Sri Lanka, USA, Canada and Australia. Together with a photographer I made a documentary for television and I have performed on radio and made radio reports. In 2015 released my first book. An English version of When They Kill Journalists — A Personal Story About Sri Lanka is under production (link to the Swedish Publisher: SILC, opens in a new window).

As a Communications Officer I have been the Editor (including production of text, photo and layouts) for organization and customer magazines and magazines for staff and members — within a union, a listed company and a government agency with international activities.

This website was developed during 2015. The idea is to fill in with more, old as new. In the News section (blog), I will also post a few stories, some with links to some of the newly published articles and reportage.