To cover and report about the parliamentary elections in Sri Lanka on August 17 2015 I spent time in Colombo and travelled with the train to Jaffna in the North ahead of the Election Day.

August 17 the Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet published one of my reports under the headline “Noisy Ruler Resorts to Intimidation” (Bullrig härskare tar till skrämseltaktik).

Preamble: He was voted out of the presidency in Sri Lanka in January. Now Mahinda Rajapaksa believes in a comeback as Prime Minister after the parliamentary elections. Most, however, suggests a new loss.

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Swedish published a long story with several images on August 20 under the headline “Sri Lanka’s “Silent revolution” Lives on After the Elections” (Sri Lankas ”tysta revolution” lever vidare efter valet).

Preamble: Human rights activists take a deep breath of relief. There will be no return to power of Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka’s former President, known for ten years of authoritarian rule, and ultimately responsible for serious war crimes. Amnesty Press travelled by train from the south to the north and the capital Colombo to capture the moods of the country before, during and after the election on August 17.

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