May 28, 2015, I held the first presentation of my book. The host was a student organization at the University in Lund, called Sasa. It consists of mainly international students which focus on the countries in South Asia. I had a positive reaction, Time flew and I had to sum things up after 60 minutes, and there was a good discussion afterwards as well as some spontaneous good comments about the book as well as the presentation. Not so many books sold at the event though, since the main part of the audience does not read Swedish. Read more in the Sasnet Newsletter (opens in a new window).

A few days later, on June 4, I was at Sensus in Gothenburg to present the book. It all went well. I had good response here as well. The 90 minutes session is enough to give a perspective to the theme of the book. I talk to images that show what was going on in Sri Lanka during times of war and what its like today.

I also showed a short film clip, a trailer for Callum Macraes The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka. I plan to add a few clips from my own documentary, The Year of Peace in Sri Lanka, which I made together with Photographer Olle Melkerhed in 2002.

If it all turns out as planned there might be more lectures in collaboration with Sensus, my Publisher Silc (link opens in a new window) and organizations in cities around Sweden. Looking forward to it. All institutions and organizations are welcome with a request for a presentation. Depending on the fora and target Group, as well as time available, the presentation could of course be adjusted in length from 15 to 90 minutes.